sarasota_selbygardens3-copySarasota Mini-Reunion

Pat Wagner Thompson writes: Our 2012 mini-reunion, organized by Mari Wright, Peggy Jackson Sweeney, Judy Garnett Taylor, and Margot Topkins Tutun, was a four day, perfect weather, stress free visit with 31 college classmates and some spouses. There were new venues and wonderful meals. Our first evening was spent at the home of Peggy Jackson Sweeney: excellent wine and many hors d'oevres accompanying a buffet meal at cozy tables, just made for conversation. Next, we had a boat ride on Sarasota Bay with commentary by a trained ecologist about the great variety of birds and plants around us. Time was planned for independent excursions too, and some of us visited the fabulous Selby Botanical Gardens one afternoon. There was dinner at the Field Club, a private club which was the former winter home of a nephew of Marshall Field of Chicago, only open to us through the contacts of Mari Wright and Sylvia Orelind Decker. At the Field Club, we enjoyed dinner at tables overlooking the water as the sun set.

Our visit to the Ringling Complex included the home of John and Mable Ringling, a 5-story mansion reflecting their lavish lifestyle. The Circus Museum on the grounds included tens of thousands of hand-carved replicas of the circus performers, tents, dishes ... a truly amazing work of art! Following our tour there, Peggy Jackson Sweeney arranged for attendance at a private rehearsal of the Sarasota Ballet complete with commentary by the ballet "master".

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