Welcome to Reunion

hoopReunion 2020 - Save the Date !!!

It’s not too soon to mark our calendars for our 60th reunion:

June 5-7, 2020.   And we’ll have our traditional Thursday program on

June 4. Instead of Boston or Cambridge, the venue will be

Concord and Lexington.

Chairing the Wellesley in Concord/Lexington committee is

Diana Merewether, and she has a great  committee working with her to

provide an experience rich in history,  culture, good food and congeniality.


It’s not too early for us to be thinking about what programs we would like

for our reunion. Phoebe Kazdin  Schnitzer is spearheading programming,

with Fifi Wolfner Nessen at her side, brainstorming and planning

break-out sessions and other activities. Without getting into too much detail at this point, we invite each of

you to suggest topics you would enjoy. Each program will likely have 50-60 minutes. Once we receive your

ideas, we’ll begin to sort out preferences and see what we can do. We will keep you posted along the way.

Please send your ideas to Phoebe Kazdin Schnitzer. Click for link to her email.


A reunion committee is taking shape, and, while many classmates have agreed to take on specific roles, we

need to build in redundancy. Committee chairs need co-chairs, and everyone needs backing up. It’s essential

that we take a belt-and-suspenders approach to planning and executing a successful 60th.

If we are going to do a Creativity project again, we need someone who can edit pictures and slides for a

continuous loop video.

We’ll be doing a lot of communicating by email. Please make sure the Alumnae Office has your correct email


I look forward to working with you now and celebrating our success a year from next June.


Margie Arons-Barron

Reunion Chair

November 2018






We're planning for reunion.....

Meetings are starting.... at lunch naturally!


Wellesley in Lexington and Concord planners gather for lunch last fall at Artistry on the Green in

Lexington.  Making plans  (left to right): Diana Merewether, Ev Bullitt Hausslein, Margot Topkins Tutun,

Margie Myers Arons-Barron, Joan Brownstein Leibovich, Linda Lovett Crawford, Bea Strand MacDonald,

and Phyllis Atack Ferlinz. 



And areunion_comm2 special shout out to Fifi Wolfner Nessen and Phoebe

Kazdin Schnitzer who are busy planning the Reunion

program.  Remember to reply with your


ideas and preferences on the questionnaire. 


Margie Arons-Barron

Reunion Chair

February 2019