60th Reunion: 420 days and counting….


An Update from Margie Myers Arons-Barron

Marilyn Claster Nissenson, Joan Brownstein Leibovich, Linda Lovett Crawford , Fifi Wolfner Nessen and I recently had lunch at Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge.  We talked for nearly three hours and barely discussed reunion.  But the pleasure of sharing the time reinforces what reunions are all about. The reunion committee is already ahoopt work putting together a stellar program, but ultimately those plans are just the backdrop for getting together with old friends and forging new friendships with returning classmates.

We had good response to our class survey and are optimistic we’ll have a good turnout.  By this fall, we will have in hand the draft of our program and preliminary figures on estimated costs.  This posting will update you on where we are in our endeavors and give you a sense of opportunities to get involved.

Our Thursday program (Wellesley in Lexington & Concord) committee started meeting in December, and we’ll be meeting again on April 29th.  The memorial committee (under Susan Carpenter Auchincloss had a conference call on March 29th, and the groundwork is being laid for a solemn but joyful recollection of classmates whose passing we will mark. The program committee (Phoebe Kazdin Schnitzer and Fifi Wolfner Nessen) has been culling classmates’ ideas, as reflected in the survey, and identifying the most promising prospects. Marilyn and Vicki Garriques Fay are in touch with each other regarding the Record Book, and members of the Hats Off to Creativity committee (under Dobree Adams) are also gearing up.  Andrea Kundsin Dupree has started posting on our class website and is poised to ramp up in the near future. 

As for others who will be working on various meals and social hours, we’ll start figuring out the details within the next several months.  The Alumnae Office (WCAA) has spelled out the nature of the undertakings, which I have synopsized below.   If you haven’t gotten involved, you may want to reach out to the committee chairs to volunteer.  This is not a closed shop.  Everyone’s efforts are welcome.

Residence hall chair (Dianne Horgan James) is tasked with creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at class headquarters. Abby Bogin Kenigsberg will be by her side. With her committee, Dianne will oversee decorating the residence hall—which may include hanging the class banner and other decorations, placing plants or flowers outside the dorm—and setting up the welcome table. She also staffs the welcome table with classmates for peak hours during Reunion weekend. She will coordinate record book and insignia distribution in the residence halls with the respective chairs.

The social hour chair organizes the social hours on Friday and Saturday evenings. (Pippy Douglas) She determines what the event will entail, and coordinates with the alcohol vendor.(Patsy Elliot Fogarty has agreed to deal with Gordon Brothers Liquor in meeting our weekend alcohol needs.) For Friday night, she hires the bartender.

Also on Friday night, we envision a post-dinner Call-It-Red singalong, led by Tina Bruce Astley and Liz Montgomery Thomas.  These very talented ladies may also mix in with Call It Red some of the songs of our era.  Think Peter, Paul and Mary, The Weavers, Kingston Trio, Harry Belafonte.  Send us your suggestions.

Saturday dinner chair (Liz Kahlo Cabot) and caterer to coordinate the alcohol order and bartenders. The Saturday dinner chair makes the arrangements for the Saturday class dinner in conjunction with the WCAA. This may include choosing a theme and caterer, deciding on a menu (we’ll do a tasting in the fall to plan a menu and determine costs), working with the social hour chair on the alcohol order, determining any entertainment, and working with the WCAA on event specific details.

The insignia chair (Susie Hand Talbot with Anne Flynt Solley) chooses a vendor and the item in the class color that classmates can carry or wear in the Alumnae Parade. The insignia chair also coordinates the distribution of the insignia at the class headquarters during Reunion weekend.

The parade marshal (Joan Brownstein Leibovich, along with furry quadruped Trixie) submits our class cheer to the WCAA by April 1 for copying and distribution to classmates. Joan helps carry the class banner and/or baton and leads the class in the cheer during the Alumnae Parade. She’ll also get behind me to push me up the hill to Alum.

Dorm Rep chair (Toni Schoolman Allen) with Barb McAdam Muller will reach out to you to remind you how reunion is not to be missed.

Fast forward to early February, 2020. Don’t think New Hampshire primary. Think opening of online reunion registration.  Late March, don’t think California or Florida primaries; be checking your mail for reunion brochures.

Housekeeping details: Remember, there is financial assistance available through the college for classmates to receive some subsidies on a confidential basis to enable their participation in reunion.

Also, if you have had a change in contact information, please inform the Alumnae Office so they are up to date for their eblasts and other communications to you. Don’t miss out.

Meanwhile, enjoy the spring sunshine and flowers.

Warm regards,

Margie Myers Arons-Barron

April 8, 2019