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Margie Myers Arons-Barron                    

June  2019

Our 60th reunion has for so long been in the distant future, and now we are just under a year away.

The clock is ticking, and your reunion committee has been hard at work.

The Creativity Committee is planning to salute the interests and talents of our classmates in two ways.

First, they plan to produce another virtual art show, a Power Point displayHats Off to Creativity 2020 will cover

anything that you can photograph and send to them in digital format. They will ask for one to five high quality

images in jpg format that best represent your creativity, along with the most important information you would like to

share about these images such as title, technique/medium, dimensions. 

Second, a new project for our 60th seeks to capture everything you have been writing or publishing all these many years.

We are excited about this new project and think it will become a great reference to what our classmates have been doing

with the written word.  They will ask for up to 10 selections from each of you: published books, articles, blogs, films,

and published and recorded musical compositions. This special compilation will be a reunion souvenir of our accomplishments as a class.

Details will be coming.  Both of the projects will end up on our class website as well for easy reference.

Yes, there will be a 2020 Record Book—a handy spiral bound directory similar to the one for 2015.   Co-editors Vicki Garriques Fay

and Marilyn Claster Nissenson encourage you to begin thinking about what you want to show and tell the rest of us on your personal

page in next year’s edition. They’ll be inviting you to include a recent head-and-shoulders photo of yourself* and write a paragraph

or so telling us about what you’ve been up to or what’s on your mind. If you want to send a second photo -- maybe your family,

your favorite four-legged companion, a great vacation trophy -- they can accommodate that too.  Photos should be in the highest

available resolution.  As soon as they settle on page formats, they will let you know how much text you should supply and other details. 

Their message? Have a wonderful summer; just reserve a few quiet moments to think about your entry!   

*Come on!  We all look a little older than we did back then.  Check out this photo.  How many of these classmates can you name?*      

Class of 1960 Photo


See names below.














Our Reunion Program Committee has been tapping the talents of our classmates, and is putting together offerings that will include new developments in the arts and science, as well as opportunities for reflections on our personal lives.  We feel so lucky to be drawing on a wide range of rich possibilities, and can't wait to share the final roster with you by this fall. 

So, too, with the plans for Thursday’s program in Lexington and Concord. Stay tuned!

*Photo ID’s, according to Missy Rives Moore: Back row, left to right:  Mary IDE, Libby Davis, Sarah Kinne, Barbara Weltner, Lida Dawson, Barb Dunlop.

Middle row:  Jane Imper, Mari Wright, Linda Sherman, Judy Navas.

Front row: Dianne Horgan, Liz Kahlo, Missy Rives, Cindy Davidson.

Official reunion dates are June 5-7, 2020, with Thursday, Jun 4th for the Lexington/Concord activities.

Mark your calendars!

See you then.


Margie Myers Arons-Barron

Reunion Chair