September Reunion News from Majorie Myers Arons-Barron

                                             and other News about the Record Book and Hats Off to Creativity!

Two rosethundred 80 days from now we will be back on campus, celebrating our lives and our connections with each other.  We come from many different backgrounds and have followed various professional and personal paths during our long lives, but we share the precious gift of Wellesley College sisterhood, which continues to inform our values and aspirations. 
If you have attended Class of 1960 reunions, you know how special they are.  If you have never attended, it is not too late.  It’s not just about connecting with old friends. Many of us have formed lasting friendships with people whom we never knew when we were wearing plaid kilts and knee socks.

So, mark your calendars, and put the enclosed save-the-date magnet on your refrigerator.
Official reunion dates are June 5-7, 2020, with Thursday, Jun 4th for the Lexington/Concord activities.

Communications from the college will rely heavily on email, beginning at the opening of reunion registration.  Please check your contact information with the Alumnae office to make sure it is up to date.  This will be our only class snail mail.   From now on, we’ll be doing eblasts and posting on our website.  We’re using all available tools except homing pigeons and smoke signals.  We want you there!

Check out the guidelines for submissions to the Class of 1960 Record Book [Click here] and to our Hats Off To Creativity projects [Click here], which this year will ask you for examples of your visual artwork and crafts and also citations of your published books, articles, blogs, films and other forms of expression. We’ve achieved much in many realms, and these compilations will celebrate what we have been up to for six decades!

Friday night’s dinner will be followed by a hearty sing-along, led by Liz Montgomery Thomas, Barb Barnett Grey and Tina Bruce Astley. Count on plenty of Call It Red plus other songs of our generation.

1960 break-out sessions on Saturday will feature Andrea Kundsin Dupree on “WHAT'S NEW IN THE UNIVERSE? A LIGHTNING TOUR OF OUR GALAXY AND BEYOND!”  Abby Bogin Kenigsberg will share  her Southeast Asia travels: “HALFWAY 'ROUND THE WORLD AT 80!” Mary Needham will update us on
"CLIMATE CHANGE - WHAT WE STILL CAN DO.”  Film-makers Linda Salzman Gottleib and Amanda Pope give us the low-down on “WHAT MAKES A FILM GREAT?” And Joan Brownstein Leibovich will lead a small group on “WHAT’S NEXT?  LOOKING BACK AND LOOKING AHEAD.”

Thursday’s off-campus program, Wellesley ’60 in Lexington and Concord, will immerse us in the historic events of our nation’s founding as well as the literary movement born in Concord that is foundational for our nation’s character.  Many more details from the Thursday program committee in next month’s eblast.  A Lexington/Concord reading list will be posted on our website.  You will be delighted when you learn what the local committee – Diana Merewether, Bea Strand MacDonald, Linda Lovett Crawford, Ev Bullitt Hausslein, and Phyllis Atack Ferlinz – has been working on since we first convened in December, 2018. We’ll ride in air-conditioned buses, (equipped with bathrooms!), and have local experts to guide and enhance our experience.  All of this topped off by dinner in the charming Colonial Inn in historic Concord Center.  Separate registration for the Thursday program will be done online at the same time as we register for the Friday-through-Sunday reunion. Details to follow.  See you there!

                                                                                                                         Margie Myers Arons-Barron, Reunion Chair