star1tNews from Reunion Chair Margie : November 1, 2019

Greetings all,

Our off-campus program ......Seventeen  members of our 60th reunion committee gathered October 20th at the College Club to shape our plans for our gathering June 5-7, 2020.  As has been a 1960 tradition, our weekend will start on Thursday, June 4 with an off-campus program. This year, we’ll spend the day in Lexington and Concord, exploring sites of the American Revolution and the Concord-based literary renaissance.  We’ll step back in history at 10 a.m., meeting on the Lexington Green under the Minuteman statue.  Our time will be split between a costumed Minuteman describing his role in the first battle of the Revolution, along with a musket demonstration, and a visit to the nearby Buckman Tavern, where the Minutemen waited all night for the British, fortifying themselves with liquor. We’ll have a tasty lunch in the Lexington Depot, then board an air-conditioned bus (with toilet) and move to Concord where, in Emerson’s poem, the “shot heard round the world” was fired at “the rude bridge that arched the flood.”

In making that short trip, we’ll travel from the 18th to the 19th century, transitioning from our military revolution into a second, literary revolution, known as “the American Renaissance.” Our guide will take us through Emerson’s ancestral home and through Orchard House, the family home of Louisa May Alcott, learning intimate details in each, where some of their most famous works were written. Late afternoon, we’ll deepen our literary dive at the historic Colonial Inn, where we’ll sip iced tea and learn more about the intellectual climate in Boston and Europe in the 1830’s - who influenced our authors, whom they in turn influenced, and why they’re still relevant today.  Following our literary feast, we enjoy a delicious dinner. Afterward our bus will transfer us to our cars or hotels as we return to the 21st century.  Classmates can register for the Thursday program right on the general reunion registration. A list of hotels in the area for Wednesday and Thursday nights will be provided on the class website, as well as a pertinent reading list.

The Campus program .....While on campus, we’ll be based in Stone Davis residence hall, some of which we’ll be sharing with the class of 1955, celebrating its 65th reunion.  While our social hours will be in the dorm, ’60 will have its Friday night dinner at the College Club and its Saturday night dinner at the Clapp Library.  After Friday evening‘s dinner, we’ll return to a  Call-It-Red+ singalong in the Stone Davis living room.  Saturday morning we’ll have a class meeting and a musically inspired memorial remembrance of classmates who have passed away since our last reunion. The Alumnae Association meeting will follow.

Saturday afternoon we’ll have class break-out sessions: astrophysicist Andrea Kundsin Dupree on “WHAT'S NEW IN THE UNIVERSE? A LIGHTNING TOUR OF OUR GALAXY AND BEYOND!”  Abby Bogin Kenigsberg on her Southeast Asia travels: “HALFWAY 'ROUND THE WORLD AT 80!” Energy sector consultant Mary Needham on “CLIMATE CHANGE - WHAT WE STILL CAN DO”; film makers Linda Salzman Gottleib and Amanda Pope on “WHAT MAKES A FILM GREAT?”

Sunday morning early, Joan Brownstein Leibovich will lead a small group session on “WHAT’S NEXT?  LOOKING BACK AND LOOKING AHEAD.”  Don’t forget your whites for the Alumnae Parade, followed by step singing, followed by a lunch.

Financial aid will be available to classmates who, without some assistance, would be unable to attend reunion. The process for requesting financial assistance is confidential, with one person in the Alumnae Office overseeing the dispersal. Money is distributed via a unique discount code, worked out with the Alumnae Office.  The applicant’s classmates do not know who has asked for help. Anyone interested in financial aid should please contact the Alumnae Office prior to registering for Reunion.  We want you to be able to come.

Accessibility is also provided for. There is a shuttle operating on a loop throughout the campus during Reunion. The shuttle is meant for those who would like to get off their feet, in case of inclement weather, and for those who are able to walk, but cannot walk distances. There is also an access van that can be called by the student workers in the dorm. The van is for those who are unable to walk (i.e. wheelchair etc.). There are some golf carts available to assist with transporting alumnae, particularly at high volume times like the close of the parade, but those carts are primarily used by Reunion staff for transporting other staff and goods to locations across campus for set-up/breakdown of events.  You can request more specialized accommodations by communicating your needs on the College’s reunion registration form.

Record Book....  OK, so you missed the Record Book deadline for entries.  Vicki and Marilyn are pleased to offer an extension for Record Book Personal Essays until Thanksgiving Weekend.  Better still (!),  if we have an essay by Saturday, November 30 AND we are forewarned, we can give you another week - to Friday, December 6 to include that special Thanksgiving  family group picture (or even a glamorous headshot that a great nephew took of you during the gathering).    Please sit down now and write us a few lines.  Type them right into an email if that’s easier.  Attach a photo or two if you like, and whisk it off to both Marilyn Claster Nissenson and Vicki Garriques Fay: and  They’ll gobble it up!

Deadline for Creativity Project and Publications... remains December 1. Check website for guidelines.

Website....For ongoing updates on reunion activities and related information, please regularly visit this website at:    On the left, click on Classes, Clubs & Groups,  then click on Classes and select 1960  on the chart in the middle.   In order to access your website, you will need your MyWellesley login username and password. If you need help recovering or resetting your login information, please contact the Wellesley College Help Desk at 781-283-7777 or

I’d end with “Don’t be Square; Be There,” but we’re way too cool for that.  Just make your plans now. We want to see you!

Margie Myers Arons-Barron
Reunion Chair